Seven Center

  • Clothing
  • bags
  • cosmetics
  • gold and jewelry
  • shoes

Where is 7 Center?

Seven Center commercial complex has been constructed on a land with an area of 2100 square meters in southwest side of Haft Houz Square, Narmak,Tehran. The infrastructure of this complex is about 20,000 square meters. Designed and executed under the supervision of the most experienced group of engineers with several years of brilliant experience using new ideas, new and luxurious methods and the best materials.

Introduction of 7center

High Quality
We invest in product quality.
low price
We will stay with you with reasonable prices and seasonal discounts.

Seven Center will also create an online marketplace to buy your newest and most essential necessities in the near future so that everyone can shop according to their personal tastes. In addition, you can find the latest models of clothing, accessories, bags and shoes for women, men, children, girls, boys and babies by visiting Seven Center social networks, and from the most famous brands in the world such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Colombia. , Bass, Gucci and Mango Buy original and quality goods. Also, gain new shopping experiences by looking at cosmetics, personal appliances and perfumes and colognes, and do not be confused to buy all kinds of travel accessories, bicycles and musical instruments by carefully comparing other products.

Online market
In the near future, we will design the online store application for the well-being of you dear ones
Special look
We try to invite all brands to cooperate in the 7 Center store.

These days, with the addition of supermarket products, a variety of foods, fruits and vegetables, protein materials including meat, poultry and fish, and a variety of drinks, snacks and perfumes, you can order all your needs with just a few clicks and in the shortest possible time deliver them at home. The most appropriate sentence about Seven Center, is”The jewel of East Tehran”; Because by stepping into it, you can experience a pleasant purchase, at a reasonable and cheap price, with a special discount at auctions.

House requirements
You can also count on us to buy food and daily consumption.
7 Center store
Instead of looking at multiple stores, browse 7 Cent stores a few times

Food court & Nader restaurant

Making food courts in Iran has been popular in various centers for several years. With the construction of more commercial and entertainment centers in Iran and also the unparalleled welcome of customers from these complexes, has caused the construction of such spaces has expanded and there is such a complex in almost every tower or large complex and is working in this field. It should be noted that one of the most famous food courts in Iran is the Seven Center food court, which tourists can visit when visiting this tower, if necessary, the food courts of this complex.

7 Center store managers

Engineer Amir Fakhreddin Rahimi
Owner, builder, chairman of the board
Engineer Mehran Norouzi
Collection management
Mr. Mohsen Amiri Majd
Administration Manager
Mr. Ehsan Ghasemi
FoodCourt Management


On what basis are the prices of products determined?
According to the Organization of Supervision and Punishment for each class
What is the product warranty and what does it include?
Each brand has a product warranty to attract its customers and each product according to the type of production and type of maintenance.
How can I find out about discounted goods?
Stay up to date with the latest discounts and news by subscribing to the Seven Center newsletter or following our Instagram page.
Is it possible to shop online?
In the near future, the 7 Center Store app will be available in both iOS and Android versions.
What measures have you taken to support businesses during the Corona?
The 7 Center Store website has designed a section where stores in the 7 Center complex can register and advertise for free.

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